When You Breath Your Last

The day will come

Hopefully much later than sooner and hopefully in a peaceful passing from this reality to whatever comes after

But however it comes, just know that the day will come

How would you like to face it?This isn’t a “if you had one day to live what would you do?” question

No, there’s only so many ways to answer that type of question and most of it will elude to having fun with friends and loved ones.

In other words, with the knowledge of only having one day to live we would all choose to live it up with whatever means we had available

We would empty out our bank accounts – spend unreasonable amount of time with those close to use because, well, who can blame us

But imagine it turned out that you didn’t in fact die that day, I’m willing to bet you’d be regretful of all the ‘Carpe Diem’ decisions you made the day before

That bank balance now just seems wasteful doesn’t it?

So no, this isn’t that type of question, in fact it’s not even a question to begin with

You WILL die, as will I – one day will definitely be our last day on Earth, that’s a fact

But yet somehow we often live as if death is a tragic event that befalls people from time to time when they’ve ran out of luck

No, everybody dies – the lucky and unlucky alike

How will you meet yours? The point of this is to get you to the end so you can work backwards from there

What will people say about you at your funeral? That you were a generous, kind and loving person? Great! But wait, are you those things right now, this very moment?

Not quite?

Get to work then

Get it? Go to the end then work backwards from there

It will help you decide what is truly important to you from what just happens to be in your face right now but won’t matter as you breathe your last

It will help you determine what you stand for and what you truly value

figure out those things then find a way to be those things everyday so that you won’t be afraid of breathing your last when that moment comes

I don’t think we fear death, I think we fear not being all that we had in mind while alive when death comes knocking….but hey that’s just my opinion

Be well


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