Massive Action – Massive Rewards

I don’t know how many times I will write about this before I actually practice what I preach

Life is too short and for the majority of us, we fail to ever reach the full capacity of our abilities

Yet the only way to achieve our full capacity is by using what little we have and staying at it until it grows

So take massive action if you want massive results

A caution for the weak minded and those that dislike change, the results you reap may not be the ones you wanted or hoped for

imagine reaping massive results in the wrong direction! How could this be possible? Well, imagine with me if you will

You decide you want to take massive action to quit your steady job to pursue the very unstable dream you harbour deep within

The first few days/weeks, things are amazing, you are running like a person possessed because you now realise you have no safety net but it’s exciting – the thrill is intoxicating

A few more weeks pass by and still nothing has truly happened yet, you try to push away the thought that maybe you risked too much too soon

Perhaps you weren’t ready and now you’re savings are depleted as you burn through it faster than you anticipated

Phone calls aren’t being answered, emails go unreturned, wait….did you make a mistake? Time to get a job to hold you over for the time being – no problem

Big problem – the job market is slow and nobody’s hiring! Are you about to lose your flat because you can’t afford rent?


Now you’re on a Good Samaritan of a friends couch but there’s only so long they can be so kind

You’re an adult after all and your decisions got you here, all that massive action got you taking what now appears to be 100 steps back

A retail job comes up and you jump at it, grateful to be employed again, even if it’s even further back than when you first left the job market to chase your dreams

That’s life

Taking action will always reap results but nobody can promise the results will be what you desired

So what to do?

Think things through as thoroughly as humanly possible even with the knowledge that your plans will mean nothing once put into action

Weigh out the pros and cons and then from that point – take action

Take as much action as possible, knowing full well what it is you are risking

And what are you risking?

Security, safety, stability and comfort

You are risking all of those things because on the other side of risk is: everything you ever dreamed life could be

Think about it

There’s a lot on the line

If the chips fall one way, you gain everything everyone seeks

If it lands the other way, you lose everything everyone needs to be okay in life

A lot at stake indeed

Take action – make it massive – don’t look back – deal with whatever happens next

Be well


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