Do Your Homework

During a conversation with a friend of mine who is a hairdresser and owner of her own boutique salon, I asked her whether she ever thought about expanding, “oh my gosh! The last couple of weeks I’ve been thinking about how to further what I do and how I should really crunch the numbers and be ready and now here you are asking me” she replied

We went back and forth on the possibilities and how our aspirations could potentially align and allow us to partner up and work together

The opportunities are endless but to make the most of them, the homework needs to be done

Like when you were in school, homework was assigned to help you learn the theories taught in the classroom and internalise them

Yes your parents could help you but the whole point of it was for you to learn how to work these things out for yourself outside of the classroom

I didn’t realise that back then so I barely did any of my homework and being the creative storyteller that I am, I always had what sounds need like a valid reason as to why my homework was incomplete

I thought I was smart back then, now I see how stupid I was and how stupid I was allowing myself to remain

Homework isn’t punishment

Homework is empowerment, the law of life is ‘what you fail to use you lose’ – homework is a way of going over what you’ve learned and ensuring that you thoroughly know your stuff

Once you know it, there’s no taking it away from you ever again (as long as you keep using it)

As an adult, the principle hasn’t changed. Your goals, aspirations and dreams will only come to fruition when you have thoroughly done your homework

In other words, don’t allow anybody else to think for you or do the work for you, it may sound nice and like you’re getting the upper hand if that were to be the case but in reality you’re not

You’re crippling yourself

What you fail to use, you will lose

So do the due diligence it takes to actualise whatever it is you’ve set your mind to do

Do the work

Do the harder work of thinking for yourself

Then execute

The rest will take care of itself

Be well


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