Be S.M.A.R.T

It’s never too late to set goals

Who says you should only think about setting goals at the beginning of the year

How are you getting on with those new year resolutions by the way? Oh you too? Join the club

I’ve always felt like goal setting was a waste of time, probably because I’ve never done it right

Goal setting for me was more like a wish list of things I wanted/hoped would happen

But, like yesterday, I’ll go with expert consensus – for goal setting to be effective, the goals must be smart

Specific: I want to lose 3 stone is way more specific than saying I want to lose weight. I aim to earn 50K is much better than I want more money

Measurable: know where you are and where you are trying to get to and it may also help to set benchmarks/ milestones to help measure progress along the way. An example of that would be for the 3 stone weight loss goal, you could set milestones of half a stone lost every 3 months which in 12 months would more than help you reach your goal

Achievable: I want to fly like superman is an example of an unachievable goal. Don’t set a goal to become a millionaire in 2 weeks if you earn very little money at present and have no means or opportunities, let alone connections to make that happen. That’s shooting yourself in the foot for no reason. Don’t set yourself up to fail basically

Realistic: following up from the last point, make sure you set realistic objectives. Goals that can actually happen

Time: the last one is setting a deadline. Know what goals are immediate, which ones are mid term and which are long term. Without a deadline, there is no way to measure progress and also no way to know whether you’ve achieved your goal or not

I’m also pretty certain I’ve butchered that whole concept but hey if it helps anyone then it’s worth it

Be well


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