Stop, Start, Continue….

I don’t know if these concepts really and truly work but I do know that many businesses and people employ them as a means of achieving more

At certain junctures on any journey I think it’s always worth asking the question

What should I stop doing

What should I start doing

What should I continue to do

As we move into the second quarter of 2018 it may be worthwhile to ask these three things and give ourselves honest answers

So turning this all back to me

What should I stop doing?

Putting things off: I said I wanted to spend time learning to meditate, I haven’t don’t it yet

Living in the future: I project myself forward too much sometimes and this can hinder me in making good choices in the present, all I have is now

Being distracted: whether it’s Netflix or some other form of entertainment, I think if I were to measure the amount I consume, it would be entirely too much. I don’t know what I’m running away from but I need to stop and face it rather than using distractions as a numbing method

What should I start doing?

Planning better: budgeting my finances, exploring my career options etc

In other words, doing the necessary work to get me to the next phase of my life

Meditation: self explanatory

Reading: self explanatory

Writing: I said I want to make two feature films this year and there’s no way to do that if I don’t write

What should I continue to do?

Editing the documentary: keeping this process up will lead to me finishing the project ahead of schedule, giving me more time to plan its release

Planning the release of Haraam: this helps to begin the process of building an audience

Posting a blog post: no matter how I feel about my progress, this is a great commitment that is helping me develop discipline

Continue seeking to improve my health

Those are just some of the stop,start, continue things that come to mind for me but I honestly didn’t dig deep enough so I know I could uncover much more helpful answers

What about you?

I always write with you on mind

What would your stop,start, continue answers be?

I don’t need to know them but you definitely do

Be well


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