If at first….

You probably won’t make it work on the first try

Maybe not even on the second attempt

Perhaps not even the third effort But it’s a matter of mathematical precision that if you keep attacking something long enough and with consistency, eventually you will win

You will be discouraged into inactivity if you assume success will come immediately

You will be embarrassed to try again if you naively believe that everything you try will/should work out

It won’t

Perhaps it’s not supposed to

Think about it

When did you learn the most lessons? Was it during times of triumphs or losses?

Taking an L should not be about losing as it currently is but rather taking an L should be about taking a lesson

A lesson in how not to do it going forward, things to change, things to stop doing, start doing and continue doing

It’s all part of the refinement process, making you sharper, edgier, smarter and effective

It’s all a process

They didn’t back you the first time? Pitch something new or better yet, go back to the drawing board with your current idea and streamline it, simplify and crystallise it

Then go back again and pitch it again

If they still say no, repeat until you get a yes – of course I should caveat and say here that some ideas are not worth hanging on to

Sometimes its good to know when to cut your losses and move on with your life

That’s with everything, ideas, work and relationships

Letting go and knowing when to do so is one of the greatest life distinctions anyone can make

Get it while the gettings good, walk away before the table turns cold (for all my Vegas playas)

But when your gut reinforces the research and you sense that you could be on to a winner

Hang in there

If at first you don’t succeed

Keep trying and changing your approach until you succeed

It will happen – just keep going

Be well


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