The Good Life

I’m half way through the rough edit of my documentary (yaaaay!) it feels like we’re a few days ahead of schedule which in of itself is motivating

I spent the day, side by side with my editor just putting all the pieces to the puzzle

So engrossed in the work was I that I had to cancel my next engagement which was a social diner with some friends (I really need to work on my social life)

But when you’re doing something you love, the only thing you want to do is that thing

The more we work together, the better my editor and I get to know each other and I’m brought to the realisation all of us, man or woman or otherwise are essentially the same

We all have similar goals, similar aspirations and desires

Everybody wants to live the good life, granted, my take on what the good life is vs yours will differ here and there but overall, the similarities will be astounding

The good life to me means a thriving vocation/career filled with above average compensation

It means the freedom to pursue other interests outside of work because you have the resources to do so

It means a fulfilling love life with a person you truly want to be with, who feels exactly the same as you

It means meaningful friendships and social connections that add value to who you are

It means the health and physical capacity to enjoy life with vigorous vitality

To see as much of this world as your heart desires, creating memories that will last a life time

The good life means having enough so you won’t have to worry about having enough and can actually look up and notice that so many others are suffering and in need of your help

It means to help those you can and mentor those coming behind you and encouraging them to go even further

It means finding balance

Ultimately, isn’t that what life is all about? The balance between private and public, pleasure and sacrifice, love and logic

All things working together in equilibrium, ying and yang hanging in perfect harmony

Something along those lines is what, to me, constitutes a good life.

You may have more to add to that or things to take away but I’m assuming (you should never assume but what the hey…) that yours would be similar to mine

Whatever yours may be, I hope you’re either already living it or will one day experience it

Be well


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