Stand Up For Yourself

Don’t ever bully, you shouldn’t make anybody feel unsafe in any area of their lives. That’s physically, mentally or emotionally, we all deserve to have peace of mind when it comes to our well being

That’s not what this post is about, I am not advocating being pushy or forcing an issue that others feel uncomfortable with or down right just being a nasty person. No, please look yourself in the mirror and ask yourself some hard questions if you think being a bully or a horrible person is okay

I am writing about those that find themselves on the receiving end of situations that require them to stand up for themselves

Here is the harsh truth – if not you then who?

Nobody else (generically speaking) will stand up for you, not in the way you can stand up for yourself

Sometimes, some situations will be so subtle that you may not even realise that you are required to stand up for yourself. It’s the subtle, indirect jabs your boss gives you at work, it’s the remarks that sound innocent on the surface but carry a lot of weighted insults underneath

The minute you realise that life is demanding that you stand up for yourself is when you must stand

If not you then who?

Those that allow so much to be done to them without so much as a fight are essentially telling the world and themselves that they do not value themselves enough to care about what happens to them

It’s a signal to others that they can do anything to you as so long as they find a justification for it, then you will accept

No, you shouldn’t accept it – would they? if the roles were reversed, would they understand, would they be so kind or afraid as you are right now?

Stand up for yourself in the small things so you wont have to ever question whether you will stand up for yourself in the much bigger things in life

Standing up for yourself means claiming the idea as your own when others try to subtly claim it as theirs, especially your boss. It means holding your ground and finding ways to articulate your point regardless of who supports it or fails to

It means walking away from a bad relationship, unproductive employment and definitely stepping away from environments that threaten your well being: physical, emotional and mental, to name but a few

Hold your ground, stand up, speak up, be your own advocate – if not you then who?

Be well


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