No Assumptions/Low Expectations

Don’t assume things will just work out in your favour, all that will do is make you pay less attention to the work you need to do right now to ensure that things work out in your favour

Just because you know that person, do not make the assumption that they owe you anything. The worst kind of pain is usually dealt to us by people we never in our wildest imaginations ever thought could hurt us, could betray us and yet, it happens all the time

Have low expectations in life and I can pretty much guaranty that you will probably be a lot more happier than those with very high expectations.

Having low expectations is not the same as having low levels of ambitions and not setting any goals or objectives for your life. No. You can have a very high desire to succeed and yet still not expect anything

I guess a better way of putting this is, do not feel entitled to anything, not even a thank you. Life, people and a higher power owe you nothing. I know you feel like some of them do and that you deserve such and such but that thought is the problem

You deserve nothing but that which you put effort and work for

Expect nothing, work for everything and assume nothing in the process. This isn’t me declaring that I practice this but rather, after a routine business call with my producing partner, he came up with this and it caught my attention

They say the best way to learn something is to teach it, although this space isn’t designed for teaching per say, just the very act of me writing this down and expanding on the idea will help me to have it sink in my own head

The more I think about it, the more I agree with the ideology that expectations create disappointments and if you never want to be disappointed then the best way around that is to have as little expectation as possible

That way, when great things happen, your gratitude for them is multiplied

When bad things inevitably happen, your ability to endure them and push through is also multiplied

All this because you set no expectations in the first place

Which one person in the world can honestly say they are entitled to the very breath they breathe?

Who can say that life owes them a few more years?

We have little choice to what happens to us in the grand scheme of things – why not also acknowledge that even in the smaller choices, sometimes, things get taken out of our hands and instead we must find a way to cope with what’s happened

Expect the unexpected

That’s life

Things will happen to blow the wind out of your sails and then a short while later, all the luck in the world will befall you. In both instances, you had no input, no choice in the matter

So why expect so much

Make no assumptions – have low expectations

Be grateful for it all

be well


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