Ever felt overwhelmed with life?

Have you ever found yourself thinking that there is just touch going on in your life for you to realistically deal with?

I’ve had time to contemplate the big questions of life – that tends to happen when you’re involved in a collision that could have messed you up badly

Once again, I was reminded of this incredible machine I live in. Firstly, when Trauma strikes, the body’s response is to go into shock

The shock serves as insulation, helping your mind and body copy with whatever has threatened you in that moment

Then the adrenaline kicks in, your body produces chemicals that help it deal with the perceived attacked, this reduces the pain a person feels in that moment

This cycle will continue as long as the body feels threatened in any way

Once the threat has subsided, the body will normalise itself and you will begin to feel everything that you were once prevented from

It will hurt

But you will heal, the body is a powerful machine that technically were it not for fatal injuries and life threatening diseases, could live for ever

The body regenerates itself, heals and becomes stronger in the places where it broke previously

I feel like that’s a very good metaphor for life

When bad things happen, you will disbelieve that they are happening, you won’t want to accept it – that’s the shock

Then you will go into panic and begin to act quickly, trying to minimise the shock and pain

Eventually you will come to accept whatever has happened and even more further down the line you will develop because of it

I could be wrong about all of this of course and my science is way off but it feels right to me

Be well


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