Deep Work

Today, at work, I sat down and interviewed one of the directors in the business. As part of an initiative to increase leadership visibility, I have been conducting video interviews with directors across the business

Working for a FTSE 100 business has many perks, one of them being the access you have to many high performing individuals. It actually amazes me how many high flying people I work in close proximity with

So I ask this particular director his thoughts on what makes a leader great and he replies “I think it’s hard to isolate one quality as the single reason why a leader is great but if pushed for an answer, I would say – the ability to do deep work, set up a framework for your team to know what deep work is and consistently focus on that”

well, now I’m intrigued

“what is deep work?” I ask him, although I have an idea of it, I don’t want to waste the learning opportunity by refusing to asking the question

“well, deep work” he starts, “is the identified objectives you have set for yourself and team that you know if achieved will reap the best rewards and yield the best results. It’s the highly important work that is very easy to get distracted from because its hardly ever urgent or pressing”


Just what I needed to hear right now

Sounds like deep work is what I have been putting off for a while

Deep work is the goal setting session you’ve been meaning to do but keep putting off. For me, deep work is the scriptwriting sessions that I have allowed to fall to the way side while allowing myself to be distracted by more pressing matters that in the long run will not reap the rewards that I truly want

what is your deep work?

We have nearly finished the first quarter of 2018 (isn’t it flying by?)

How are you doing on the goals you set for yourself? Are you closer to achieving them?

I set only one goal this year: Lose weight

There is no other goal that would effect my life as much as losing weight would right now so that is the primary and only goal I have set and yet, until recently I was not making any effort to achieve that goal

The gym will be my deep work

Nutrition will be my deep work

What’s your deep work? (the repetitive question is intentional…for a reason)

Don’t get me wrong – the film(s) I’m currently working on are also deep work but just not as important to me right now as achieving this specific goal of losing weight would be. It’s the one goal that would make me feel fulfilled

what one goal, if achieved this year would make you feel fulfilled?

Dive into the deep end

Do not stay in shallow waters – life can be way more fulfilling when you’re willing to dive into and swim at the deep end

Of course the dangers are also multiplied when you do this, but so too are the rewards

It’s time to take that dive again

Be well


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