Good vs Great

Yesterday I thought and wrote about the classic battle between good and evil

A battle that is waged simultaneously on the world stage and internally at the deepest personal level

Let’s stay there for a second

At the deepest, personal level

I’ve been thinking

Even if we do win the personal battle of good vs evil, that’s just the start, the beginning. The first hard won victory in a series of battles to come

Up next is the need to be good vs the desire to be great


What does it mean to you?

Is it having more money than you could spend in one life time? Is it having fame so imposing that you would lament your loss of privacy? Love so deep that it defines the meaning of the term soul mates?

What does greatness mean to you?

Is there a difference between being a good person vs being a great person?

In my opinion, yes there is

A huge difference

Good people take other people into consideration and try their best to be as accommodating to others as possible

Great people on the other hand go a step further, while taking others into consideration, they remove the fear of disappointing them from their decision making process

Pleasing others may be a good persons game but it’s definitely not a great persons game

Good people may uphold revolutions and movements but great people begin them

Good people may uphold standards and social values but great people define those standards and determine those social values

Good people march for what’s right but only after great people have shown us the right things to match for

Good people hesitate to take action for fear of rocking the boat while great people burn their boats to ensure victory or failure is the only option

Give me liberty or give me death

I have a dream

By any means necessary

Just some of the immortal words declared by people that history has come to deem as great

Greatness will offend people, they won’t understand it, they will hate you for having the guts to even allow it to shine through but they will remember you for it and ultimately respect it

Good people think short term and that’s probably why they worry about upsetting people or letting people down

Greatness requires long term thinking which is probably why great people don’t concern themselves too much with short term opinions and complaints

They see far enough to know that the same people that hate their guts right now, are the same people who will thank them for everything they did in the future

I imagine it’s what every parent must do – a great parent that is

Think about it

Good parents may be fun to be around and even be considered as a friend by their children but great parents only think about the future adults they are trying to raise and never cave in, giving their children the appropriate amount of structure, discipline and support needed to become the best version of themselves

Same could be said of great managers at work

Great leaders in business and great life partners

There’s nothing wrong with being good

Remaining there while throwing away any and every opportunity to be great is the problem

Good is good

Great is better

Be great


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