Applied Knowledge Is Power

Knowledge is power

I’ve heard that said so many times growing up that it tricked me into reading hundreds of books, mostly with self improvement themes‘Rich Dad, Poor Dad’, ‘The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People’ ‘Who Moved My Cheese?’ and ‘Think and Grow Rich’ to mention but a few

I read and read and then read some more, all in a quest to learn as much as I could so I could have the power I was promised

I got the knowledge and guess what?

No power

All that information and yet I was none the wiser and I most certainly could effect change

So knowledge itself could not be power, I had to realise that.

If knowledge were power than our schools would be producing very self sufficient, empowered individuals who go on to become extremely effective members of society

But this isn’t the case

Knowledge alone is not power, it’s just information

Applied knowledge is what brings the power

Here comes that word again: Action

no power will come until action is put behind everything you learn. You can read about goal setting, wealth building and anything else that takes your interest but nothing will come of that gained knowledge until you act on it

Gain all the information you can, study, read, explore and investigate but after having done all of that, don’t forget to act on it

Nothing ever happens until you take action

Be well


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