It will pass

Sometimes you can get caught up in emotion

It will pass (it always does)

No matter what your current life experience is at the moment: deep in the valley or high on the peak of the mountain, know this, it will pass

As of late, I’ve been caught up in my emotions. I’ve been doing everything I can to avoid having to face these emotions head on

I’ve kept myself busy with a mixture of both productive and none productive stuff

I’ve used up my team with mindless entertainment to keep me busy

I’ve been on the phone, for both business and personal reasons

Any and everything to keep me occupied

I don’t deal with emotions really well, either I wallow in them and allow them to consume me or I completely ignore them, acting as if they don’t exist at all

Both are extremes

Both are not helpful

Even writing this is quite difficult because it requires acknowledgment of the fact that my emotions are currently all over the place

The idea of me as a man writing that is also something I’m uncomfortable with

Men are supposed to be strong, rock solid at all times

If that’s true and that’s the standard for manhood then mine would be in question

I’ve learned that Thea greatest strength is in the ability to acknowledge my humanity

I’m a flawed individual with aspirations I can’t possible hope to fulfil in one lifetime

I currently feel stuck


There are very few feelings that can bring a person down as low as feeling stagnant does

I wrote a few posts back that progress equals happiness and this is true, I only feel excited when I know or sense that I’m making progress in life

Who in their right mind would be comfortable with the feeling of not progressing

Here’s the thing though, it’s just feelings and feelings are not always accurate, they change so quickly that permanent decisions should never be made on temporary emotions

So it’s going to be a case of taking it back to basics

I’ve found that anytime I feel misaligned, two things really help me to figure things out

Moving my body and doing some form of exercise helps a lot

And being completely silent and allowing myself to face my thoughts head on also helps a lot

So back to basics it is

Everything eventually passes

So will this

Be well


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