Snap Out Of It!

Have you ever stressed about something that has not yet happened and thought about all the ways it could potentially happen?

Before taking action, have you ever played out all the scenarios in your head and considered all the multiple ways you may end up falling flat on your face? Or perhaps you’re more of the optimistic type and you visualise all the ways things will work out in your favour and enable you to succeed

I do it all the time 

I live my life in my head by imagining all the ways certain scenarios may or may not happen

But here is the thing

While I’m imagining all the ways things may or may not unfold in my life, my real life is happening and unfolding before me. If I spend too much time thinking about my life rather than actually participating in it then I will end up only living a fraction of the life I could/should/would have lived

You can’t live your life through the mind

Ultimately, you will have to venture out and make the moves you know you need to make

You will need to take… guessed it, ACTION

I’ve written about it before and will continue to write about it until one of us does something about it

I’m hoping it will be me

I hope that I will get through to myself and start to take more actions than ever before. This is not a time to think, daydream or wonder how things could be, no, everybody builds sand castles and imagines how their lives would be had things happened or not happened in the way that they did

Do one better and SNAP OUT OF IT

Anytime you catch yourself daydreaming about having a new job, snap out of it and send out your CV instead. Anytime you catch yourself fantasying about making more money, snap out of it and write out an investment plan, savings plan and debt reduction plan

Snap back to reality as Eminem so eloquently put it once

If we as human beings were not so afraid of change and being rejected and failing and suffering and struggling and looking foolish and going broke and being seen as incompetent and insignificant and (fill in your fears….you know what they are) then we would actually get way more done

Snap out of this self obsession you have that makes you worry whether people like you or not, whether you will succeed or not, whether you’ve found true love or not, whether you’re talented and worthy enough or not

Snap out of it, nobody is actually thinking about you most of the time, if ever

So do you

Focus on the things you truly want to focus on but quickly move to the stage of getting those things done.

Take action

It will get you much further than dreaming ever will

Be well




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