The Hustle’s Sold Separately

The dream is free

Everybody dreams, everybody has ideas (great ones at that) and al f that comes free of charge to us all

The hustle on the other hand is not free, it does not come without effort and grind

It is after all a hustle and hustling is by no means easy. To hustle means to find a way of getting things done by any means

The dream may give you warm and fuzzy feelings but it most certainly won’t get up early in the morning and do the work for you

It won’t run the miles for you

It won’t do the push up or pull up reps

It will only paint a nice picture and vision of what you can achieve and who you can potentially become

But that won’t ever be enough

Here comes that word again: Action

Action is sold separately, you must pay a price for it. It will cost you dearly

The bigger the dream, the costlier the price required of you to pay

Hustle, hustle, hustle

Nothing will happen otherwise

Dreams come for free

Turning them to reality? That’s a whole other story

Be well


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