Flying by

Time is flying by so fast

It’s already nearly three months in of 2018 and I could of sworn that the year had just started a week ago

The older I get, the faster time seems to go by

When I was young, summer would last forever, it truly felt like a world away from school and when I would return to school, the changes would be self evident

People would be taller, physically different, mentally grown etc, in other words, time was moving slow enough for me to notice major changes in my surroundings

Now – an entire year can fly by and I would be none the wiser

It’s almost like I have to force myself to sit down and meditate on the passing of time in order for me to notice that time is passing me by

I have to remind myself that I should be grateful for everything that I’ve been given

I have to remind myself that time is limited and that every day that passes by is a day that I can never get back

I’ve allowed nearly three months to pass by without having a complete first draft of a new script

Granted I’m in post production of a feature documentary and am in marketing brainstorm mode for another feature film

Can’t stop there though

Work begets works

Money begets more money

If I truly wanna fly then I need to be conscious of the fact nothing flys faster than time so I need to use it to my advantage

So do you

Be well


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