Can Everybody Be A Boss?

Today, as I enjoyed my wonderfully lazy Sunday afternoon, I took the time to have interesting conversations with friends

Those conversations somehow led to the concept of hustling for a better future and why the so called 9 – 5 hustle feels outdated and definitely is undesired by millennials and generations that follow after them

It seems nowadays that each person wants to be their own boss and call the shots, nobody wants to work for anybody else, unless the pay check they get from this 9-5 hustle is ‘worthy’ of their time 

Now, I have no problem with people thinking big and wanting great things for themselves, if you can get it, by all means, please do

The problem is the microwave, speeded up cycle of success that my generation (myself included) is chasing.

There are no shortcuts

There is no lift to the top floor of success on the ground floor – we all need to take the stairs

Each step must be taken

Problem is, nobody wants to take all the required steps because….well, its just too damn long

The process is the process though

As Warren Buffett once said “you can’t have a baby in one month by getting 9 women pregnant”

The point being, it will take as long as it takes

Some things have a shorter gestation period, a shorter development period than others and the same goes for people’s journeys

Comparison kills

Do not compare yourself and your journey to anybody else because each persons development period is different

On the subject of being your own boss, this conversation with Dame Dash on the breakfast club was interesting to me on the subject of being your own boss

Anyways, happy Sunday

Be well



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4 thoughts on “Can Everybody Be A Boss?

      1. Absolutely agree, as the saying goes, awareness is half of the battle, so yeah, like you said, it will either eventually stop or you will reduce it drastically because you’ll notice yourself doing it.

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