Shut Up &…(Fill The Blank)

Fill in your blanks

You know what it is that you’ve been procrastinating on

You know that thing that even your closest of closest friends and family are annoyed about you telling them about….yeah that thing, shut up about it and fill in that blank with action

The minute you stop talking, you will create a void, that void will need to be filled with something, action is the best remedy

I have a developing great idea for a screenplay

I was catching up with my production business partner and filling him in on my idea when he replied with the best response:

“Sounds good, just write it so we can make it happen”

He’s absolutely right

I just need to write it…another way of saying, just do it. Do more, talk less

Action remains the operative word

Shut up and…..(fill the blank) write, run, workout, save money, invest….whatever it is you feel like talking about, shut up about it and just do it

I aim to write so this blog is proof of that, I am writing….but as a filmmaker, I must also do the same thing, make films

Such an exciting period of time, so many opportunities out there, let’s not waste it by theory but rather let’s make the most of it but being pragmatic

Take action

Take steps

Make moves


Create don’t compete

All just alternative ways of me saying shut the hell up and….fill the blank

And you already know what your blank is…now fill it up!

Be well


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