Do More, Talk Less


I wrote about it before and will continue to write about it since, after all, when all is said and done, action is all that matters

In this day and age where everybody has an opinion (like me) and can voice it through so many platforms, its seems society has become obsessed with talking and expressing opinions but not really doing much else

According to research, with the increased popularity of social media platforms comes an increase in levels of depressive states experienced collectively as a species


Well, I’m not a sociologist but I’m willing to bet it has a lot to do with the fact that a lot of us are doing to much comparing when on social media without ever taking the time to consider that like anybody else, people most only showcase the best highlights of their lives and not the rest of it

So it’s vacation pictures and promotion/ new job statuses but very few honest posts about feeling stagnant, being stuck at the same old job for a number of years, underperforming at work, empty bank accounts (probably overdrawn), not to mention the failed diets and relationships

The comparison game is distracting at best and depressing at worst

It distracts you from doing what you know deep down you should be DOING – not talking about but DOING

Things take time, especially good things but the truth is, they don’t often take as long as you think they take and even if they do, when you’re acting on purpose and doing what you know you should being, all kinds of things start to unfold and happen right before your eyes

Action has always been and will always be the key to seeing results

Nothing changes until you take action

Please stop talking

Nobody cares about what you have to say but you – trust me

That’s why this blog has been one of the best things I could of done, because it reminds me that nobody could careless about what I have to say, therefore I write whatever the heck I want to because ultimately I’m not trying to impress or please anybody….it’s admittedly taken me a while to not care about what other people may think but I’m getting there

In realising that nobody cares about what I have to say, it’s forced to me look at what people do care about…people care about results

we celebrate success because ultimately it screams results

Results is the name of the game

Action is what get’s you results

More action, less talking

In the long run, it will get you much further

Be well


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