Progress Equals Happiness

The very first rough scene of my documentary is in the bag

With over 9 hours of footage to work from, there is a lot of work to get through, cut down, make precise and build a storyline from but it’s all fun

Editing is like having a massive puzzle with so many pieces that can fit in multiple ways

Place one piece in early and instantly the tone of the scene changes, place it much later and the meaning alters again

I’m used to editing my own work on my laptop in my bedroom, working on this project where I have access to an editing suit, I sit beside an editor and we work together to construct this film has been eye opening

The collaborative nature of filmmaking means that I can also get the composers going on their side, making sure that they have what they need

It’s been an international project from day one so my American composers are hard at work building a soundscape for a project that but a few weeks ago they hadn’t seen one image frame for

We’re truly in full swing and this is probably the first project where I’ve enjoyed the postproduction side of things more than even the production aspects of it

With each little bit of progress I make, I notice that I’m happier and more excited

It truly is a truth that the only thing that can bring you long term happiness is the sense of making progress in life

Think about it

When do most people feel alive, happy and excited?

When they get a breakthrough in life – a new job, new relationship, more money, new baby etc


When do people feel most defeated by life?

When they feel stuck in the same life circumstances with no hope for change


Nobody ever wants to feel stuck, trapped in the same cycle in life where nothing seems to change, no matter how hard you try, you’re not progressing anywhere

Nobody wants to feel like that

So we all should decide what progress in life looks like for us and take all the necessary actions to get us moving in life again

Be well


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