Express yourself

There’s power in self expression

Tonight I went to see a showcase at the Lyric theatre in Hammersmith featuring a cast member of my film Haraam

It was a great display of British young talent on the rise and once again I was struck by the thought that talent truly is overrated

Everyone has it

Some of us are more naturally able than others but at the core, every human being in this planet has a talent, a gift, an ability that if developed would open a lot of doors for them

That lyric theatre stage was filled with talent tonight, and yet for each person on stage, there was at least 10 more of us watching on the sidelines as audience members

That’s what life is like, metaphorically speaking

The chosen few, of us brave enough to express who they are and what they have to offer while the rest of us serve as an audience

And it doesn’t matter what the audience thinks, not really. Yeah I’m sure the performers tonight would love to hear great feedback but I hope they also realise that they are doing what the rest of us are not, they are putting themselves out there for the rest of us to judge

That’s not an easy thing

No wonder so very few of us do it

It’s not easy to get up on that stage and deliver a solid performance, day in, day out

But if talent is overrated then self expression is truly underrated. How many people out there truly put themselves out there?

You don’t have to be a performer, or someone in the creative arts industry to be self expressive

Parents fail to speak to their children, partners fail to communicate honestly and the list goes on

Speak up

You’re the only one that can (truly) do it on your behalf. Yes of course others can speak for you but how accurate will their version of your needs be?

Express yourself, in doing so, you liberate the rest of us to do the same

I should add that self expression does lead to division as well as unity too. You won’t always like what I have to say, that’s just a fact

You won’t always agree with my opinion- fact

But here’s the bottom lone


I don’t really care – I refuse to mute myself to avoid being disliked by someone else

Makes no sense at all

That’s a whole other post

Be well


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