In A Good Place

The edit for the 500 days documentary is well and fully underway

I have been spending my working hours with my laptop open so I can do my normal day job while an editor works on my passion project.

I wish it was my full time job to sit beside an editor as the director of a film and give my notes as we slowly but surely get to the end goal which currently seems so far away

One day it will perhaps be my full time job to do just that

At the moment I can only be grateful that my company is allowing resources to be assigned to a project that has nothing to do with them, one they will have no direct benefit from

I can only be grateful that somehow all these strings are being pulled in favour of this project being accomplished by highly trained professional

Editing is such an interesting aspect of storytelling and filmmaking, its actually where the true story is told, shaped and sculpted into whatever direction the creatives want. So many choices, each one presenting a diverging storyline

It kind of feels like life in that way

Each choice is an edit of our own personal stories – to choose one thing is to turn our backs on other options and alternatives

I’ve waited a long time to begin to feel this sense of passion and fulfilment that I can feel slowly building up from within. The best thing about it is there are no external motivations at the moment

This is a passion project in the truest sense of the word, nothing but passion is driving everybody involved and yet the rewards can be incredible assuming everything lands where it potentially could


Back to the present

Everything feels wonderful when you just focus on the present and what’s right in front of you. There is no point adding the pressure of things that have yet to happen and sometimes may not even happen, when I do that I find that I miss the great moment right here right now

Right now the project is just one massive blob, it has no shape, no outline and no distinctive  face but eventually it will and that thought alone gets me excited, the idea that later on this year, a lot of strangers, people i will never meet, will be watching this work that I have been telling you about all these months prior

I will never meet them in person, just like you and I will likely never meet but because of creativity and self expression, our minds can connect through our work

I’m in a good place – I think – or at least, I’m getting there

Hope you are in your own good place

Be well


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