Ready Player One

Through some of the perks at my 9-5, I had the chance to watch ‘Ready player one’ a few weeks before it comes out to the masses in the UK

I can’t give it a proper review as I’m currently multitasking, writing this while sitting through my own edit of the documentary

What I can say is that it showcases the power of imagination. Steven Spielberg’s has consistently demonstrated that his storytelling is driven by unhindered imagination

Ready player one is a story about a society that has become accustomed to virtual reality, in particular one game called Oasis which enables people to do anything they want but more importantly, become anybody they wish

I sat in the cinema watching this expansive vision come to life and all I could think was ‘wow, this has to be me one day’

I need to tell stories that are this imaginative and this expansive in their scope

In other words, keep on thinking big and one day who knows, you may just find yourself doing big things

Gotta run


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