Happy Mothers Day

To the woman who gave me birth

My earliest memories of life are filled with joy, unconditional love and certainty and it’s all because of you

You left me to run around as a child because you knew that I needed it more than I even needed human interaction. You cradled me constantly because you instinctively knew what only other mothers can, that your embrace, your love and your attention were things that I craved from the deepest parts of me

I remember shouting matches between you and my father, the fear that would consume me as I watched to beings that were like God’s in my eyes go head to head without either one wanting to back down

I would suddenly start crying and without missing a beat, you would stop the argument so you could tend me

You minimised the fears, you maximised the love and most importantly, you shaped my very world

Told me to be smart

Told me I would grow up to be a great man one day – a promise I hope to one day fulfil

Every caring bone in my body comes from you. You sacrificed so much for me and yet never held it over me. Not once

My empathy for others comes from you, you have always been, currently are and will always be my solid foundation. You keep me grounded, firm in the identity that I am and forever will be the boy you gave life to

The boy you love unconditionally, the boy you sacrificed it all for so I could have everything

To the woman who raised me

A ‘Thank you’ would never be sufficient

No amount of money, gifts, words of praise could ever do you justice

You spoke life into me when I could see nothing but death

You helped a child you often referred to as ‘complicated’ find his way, with a steady hand and compassionate eyes, you endlessly cared for me in ways I couldn’t appreciate at the time

you advised me to go left when all I wanted to do was go right

I chose left, only to discover you were right all along

You encouraged me to pursue my dreams in-spite of my short comings, my flaws and my fears. You made my weaknesses irrelevant

You raised me to be independent

And you did such an amazing job that I fear it has almost backfired on you

I don’t always call

I don’t always visit

But I always make myself available whenever and for whatever you need me

Any sense of being considerate to others, being thoughtful and kind to others, all these qualities, if i have them, they come from you

The greatest lesson any parent can teach a child is one led by example

I watched you when you chose to tell the truth rather than go for the convenient lie. You live an honest life, you stuck to your faith while facing insurmountable obstacles, only to make them bow down before you

I’m grateful to you for all that you are because it made me all that I am

We should all feel grateful for the mothers life blessed us with. Like any other person, our mothers are not perfect people

Just precious beyond measure

Happy Mothers day to God’s greatest creation 🙂


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