No Real Excuse

In this tech reliant world, where everything is at our finger tips, there really can be no real excuse as to why we fail to do anything we truly want to do

Currently, at this very minute I am working on the credit sequence for my film and I had no clue how to actual put film credits together, so guess what I did: Youtube’d it!

There are so many tutorials for any and everything under the sun on Youtube that really and truly, you can learn to do anything

So what will be my excuse going forward for why I fail to follow up, follow through on the things I claim to want to do?

I can think of nothing

And that’s a good thing

I don’t want to have excuses, reasons or complaints about why I didn’t, couldn’t or wouldn’t do the things necessary to get me where I needed to go

Sometimes, some of the things I’ve had to learn in the last couple of days have been tedious, boring even but regardless of that fact, I was still able to learn from them and I ultimately picked up on new little skills that I will continue to benefit from in the future

I guess I’m realising that there has never been any real valid or reasonable excuse for me to fail in following through on anything

Of course, like you, I have felt very justified many times in my hurt, pain, anger, disappointments and used those as reasons to disengage from life but the deeper I look at it, the more I realise that even then, in the midst of all of feelings and emotions, the choice was still mine

I could still make a choice to act and not procrastinate, even when I am depressed. I can still choose positivity over negativity even when everything around me screams failure, even when my very body rejects my will, even when my very mind refuses to cooperate with my preset intentions, even then – I still have a choice

I can still choose to rise above

I can still choose to keep my dignity as a human being and treat others with the same stated dignity

Even when it feels too early, too soon to begin my journey because “I’m too young, not smart enough, lacking money, lacking man power” – even then, I can still choose to act and begin the journey, right there and then

Even when it feels like its too late “I’m too old, the opportunity has passed, the trend has died down” I can still choose to pursue my idea like its a fresh new thing because as far as I’m concerned, it is

I have no real excuse to not Be the person I want to be or do the things I want to do, let alone, have the things I want to have

The only real reason anyone can ever give for not being, doing or having anything they truly want is this one

I didn’t want it that much

Which in of itself is more than fine – there are loads of things that would be nice to haves, but I don’t care about them that much, so if I don’t ever get them, it’s no biggie

But for the must have desires

No – there are no real or valid excuses that I could ever give to justify not going for them

Can you think of any?


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