Practice doesn’t make perfect

But if done correctly, practice does make permanent, or as close to permanent as a human being can reach

Considering yesterday’s post on legacy which looked at death and our mortality, it’s not Lost on me that today I am writing about permanence

Nothing truly is permanent, things always change and shift and make way for something new

But practice is the closest activity we had to gaining and obtaining some level of permanence in life

All the greats become great because of their unmatched time and effort spent in practice of their chooses craft

It’s a hard won battle, becoming great. It takes discipline and focus and most importantly, consistency

Practice means you almost disregard whether you want to do it or not

You disregard how your day has been, what life is dishing your way at the moment and whether you’re happy or not

You step into that ring and go to work on your craft. After all you are after mastery and becoming a master does not happen over night

You have to slave away, days on end, feeding this desire to become what you know you could and should be until the desire becomes a full blown obsession

Practice is what will get you there

Dreaming is great but if you think about it, when do most people dream? When they are laying on their back asleep

When do people practice? When they are awake, up and ready. So yeah dreams are nice and necessary but practice is vital

But don’t just stop at practicing your skills that are easy to identify like singing, dancing or athletics

How about we all practice being more joyful, more patient, more resilient and more compassionate

I’m willing to bet that these things are also skills we can all learn through consistent practice of them

And if you think about it, are they not way harder to master than the obvious other areas we can choose to focus on?

Well, whatever you mind decides to focus on, remember this, practice will get you there and also keep you there


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