Do It Now

When you feel like putting it off until later, tell yourself ‘do it now’

when you’re caught between the choice of relaxing and attending to that important thing that you’ve been wanting to do, remind yourself to ‘do it now’

‘Do it now’ is a mantra that can help you combat procrastination and get things done on time. The more you put things off the longer it will take for you to reach your destination

You don’t know how long you are pushing your dreams back just by simply not following through with your stated goals 

I know it only seems like a small thing. You can do it later, whats the big deal?

Well, the big deal is, you don’t know what’s around the corner

How will you be ready for your big opportunity if you keep delaying and putting off the things you know you should be doing

I’ve said it before

Everything counts

Do it now – repeat this to yourself whenever your mind gives you a choice between what is easy and what is right. You repeat that whenever you need to speak up for yourself but don’t feel like it

Repeat it as you write your long delayed novel, line by line, paragraph by paragraph. Repeat this phrase when you get back home from a long day and you’re caught between the choice of crashing on the couch to watch a little TV and going to the GYM

Do it now – when you open your eyes but don’t feel quite ready to get up just yet in the morning. Do it now. Send that email now, ask that person out now, speak to your boss about your raise now

If you have a fear that is preventing you from taking the steps you know you should be taking, there are ways to tackle this. Firstly, acknowledge the feeling, admit to yourself that you are not taking action because you are afraid. Secondly, pin point what the fear is all about. Is the fear you are feeling valid? perhaps it’s informing you that you have not adequately prepared, perhaps its warning you of some form of danger, physical, emotional or otherwise

These are all valid reasons to feel a sense of fear but don’t allow even the validity of your feelings to trap you into inaction. Do whatever it takes to minimise the valid feelings you may have and completely ignore the irrational fears and then take action

Do it now

Soon as you hear those words, do the thing that you know you should be doing, straight away. The more you obey this command, the stronger it will become in your mind and the harder it will become to not follow through on your goals

Do it now

You may not succeed all the time

Nobody ever does

But you will fail 100% of the time when you fail to act – think about it. You will miss every shot you fail to take – so what are you waiting for? Take the damn shot already – if you miss it, guess what? Take another shot – and another and another until – until what? until you win damn it!

So do it now – stop reading this post and do that thing that comes to mind right now!

Not doing so will only delay your progress further – what I’m about to say may not be true but for some reason I believe it. For every day you delay, you push your dreams back by a week. one day delay in action equals one week delay in achievement

One week delay (7 days) amounts to 7 weeks delay in your achievements (thats nearly two months) – as I said, there is no way for me to prove this to be true, but imagine that it were….would you be willing to push the achievements of your goals back by months, years even?

I’m not willing to delay

Neither should you be

So do it now



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