Do What You Love

I’m working on the end credits for one film

I’ve just started post production editing on another film

And after regaining my MacBook Pro since the theft of the last one, I’m writing my script(s) againThis is my dream, though, it hardly ever feels like it in the moment, on a day to day basis

It’s almost a reminder that I have to tell myself, you are living your dream

If you want to be a filmmaker and you’re making films then guess what? You are a filmmaker

Yes of course I need to release these projects and yes of course, earning a full time living from filmmaking would help me believe in the dream more but to deny myself the joy and thrill of just doing it, well, that’s self discouragement of a different kind

It’s hard to put into words the excitement that I feel when I see the projects that were once just ideas become tangible things that will shortly be out there in the world

Love what you do even when nobody’s watching

There will never come a more true moment than right now. It’s one thing to do something because it pays the bills or because you feel obligated

But no motivation can be truer than that of doing something just because you want to

Because it brings you joy, it reinforces those good feelings about yourself from within – that’s a whole kind of payment on its own

Love what you do especially when nobody is watching

The pressure will be off, nobody will demand or require anything from you. It will be just you and your passion

Just you and that thing that you love to do so much that you forget to eat, you forget to call people back because you are so caught up in it

It brings meaning to your life in such an authentic, unique way that very few other things come close

Do what you love despite the fact that nobody is watching

I know you want success

You want to be recognised for what you do and it can hurt that nobody seems to be watching right now

Heck, not only are they not watching, they do not care

It hurts

Having to wait for your time, your turn, your moment can make anyone feel very impatient and doubtful about whether it will happen at all

It will

Trust and believe

Just keep loving what you do and doing what you love and eventually, should you not give up, it will all come full circle

And the beautiful thing will be – you – doing what you’ve always done but now, just in front of a bigger audience

Do what you love


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