Live Now

Everything counts

What you fail to follow up on, the actions you fail to take, the words you fail to say

It all matters

It’s a short precious life we’ve all been given

What we do with it counts

What we stand for, what we believe in and what we bring to the table, counts

Don’t put it off

That thing you’ve been wanting to do

That conversation you’ve been wanting to have

Don’t put it off

Tomorrow does come, contrary to popular belief, yes it does

The likelihood is that I will open my eyes tomorrow and embrace another day

So logically speaking, tomorrow does come for all us, 99% of the time

The thing that never comes again is the moment

Once it’s gone it’s gone forever

You’ll only turn 21 once

Lose your virginity once

Live this life with the people in it, once

It’s all but a short moment

And once it’s gone, it’s gone forever and it will never come back

It may give way to new moments, new opportunities but it won’t be the one you have right now

You feel strongly about this dream right now?

Make it happen

You care about this person right now?

Take action, tell them, do it now

You are passionate about this cause right here, right now?

You know what to do

So don’t put it off till later

Don’t sleep your life away

Don’t zombie walk through it without ever gaining enough consciousness to realise that the moment is passing you by

Tomorrow does come, 99% of the time

But one day, we will all face that 1% moment which we can never take back

The moment when we breath our last, or heart beats it’s last and then it all fades to black

That one 1% is final

At least with the 99% you get re-do’s

You get given the chance to live through another 24 hours

And while you’re in that 99% of daily living, why not make the most of it?

Take the moment, make it golden

Put nothing off until later because life is now

Always and forever

It will only ever be now


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