It’s a Cold World

The entire UK has been impacted by a snow storm that has already claimed the lives of 10 people

My heart goes out to the families of those who unexpectedly lost a loved in what was first only thought of as bad weather

But such is life – unfortunately

The only thing we can do is expect the unexpected

The only constant is change

If given the chance, all things erode and lead to chaos

It takes the effort of all of us to keep our society and world progressing forward

It’s truly a cold world out there

Given the chance, all of us, myself being the lead culprit, can act and think in very inhuman, destructive ways

We all have to reign it in and keep ourselves in check. I’m talking about the good people, let’s not even consider those naturally predisposed to destroying everything in their path

It’s a cold world out there

The harsh truth is, some of us want to see this entire world burn down

And even if we didn’t, the environment around us, the earth itself is constantly turning on us every opportunity it gets

Tornados, earthquakes and Tsunamis are just some of the things we as a species have endured and survived

It’s a cold world

We kill each other for being different from one another, for believing in something different than one another and for looking and loving differently to one another

Everybody wants to be understood, very few of us want to understand

It’s a cold world

We look down on the poor, the dejected and those having a hard time in life

We look up to the glamorous, the beautiful and rich. Our measure of success as a society is unified in that we all consider riches and wealth as the greatest sign of a significant person (generalising big time here)

Its a cold world

We turn our backs on people we vowed till death do us part

We abandon our kids

We take our teachers for granted and show them how little we value them by the salaries we pay them

We shoot each other

Stab each other

Manipulate each other

And do all forms of unspeakable things against each other

Best believe it’s a cold world

But here’s the thing

We are also a warm people

Did you know that two people stuck in cold snow are more likely to survive if they wrapped their bodies around each other?

Our bodies naturally emanate heat and sticking together in a cold world allows us all to survive

Think about it

A baby will die within a matter of days after being born if it’s not touch by another human

We need Love

We need the connection and we need human touch

Yes it’s a cold world but you and I and all of us bring the warmth

So go out into this cold world and heat it up with everything you’ve got

We need you


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