How Far?

How far are you willing to go?

Would you stake your life on it?

Would you give up your freedom for it?

Would you spend your last penny on it and practically go broke for it?

Because that’s what it’s going to take. Dreams don’t come cheap, not the achievement of it at least. There is a price to pay and it must be paid in full in advance How far are you willing to go? The question, if you think on it carefully, is what you call a double entendre. It has two meanings

The first

How far are you willing to go means, how far are you willing to dream? How far into the distance will you allow your inner eye to see? will you limit your vision of what you can become to things you already know you are capable of?

I know that life’s not fair and I’m sure you have a sob story or two you could share with me but life doesn’t care about that. it really doesn’t care how down and out you get or how defeated you feel at any given moment

If you let it, life will continue to rain down blow after blow of harsh circumstances until you relent and check out. Some of us, unfortunately, already have checked out

But what about you?

Are you still in it? How far are you willing to go? what motivates you to wake up each and every morning?

is it the need to pay your lousy bills? Is that the distance of your life? living to pay bills?

Perhaps its to have that very expensive car? is that the furthest you can think? luxury items

Or maybe it’s the wife/husband, kids and the white picket fence. Hmmm, well the divorce rate will suggest that for many, this distance wasn’t far enough

There’s nothing wrong with the aforementioned things, I want to marry the most beautiful woman one day (oh and she’ll be pretty too) and I’d love to be a father. of course I love fast cars and expensive watches and other luxury items (who doesn’t?…oh…many people as it turns out)

But there has to be more to my life than that – at least I hope there is

There is

I’m certain of it

Okay then, once you dream of just how far you are willing to go then what?

Then you ask yourself, how far are you willing to go the second time?

This time it means, how much are you willing to risk for this

When life places a metaphorical gun to your head and demands that you join in on a game of Russian roulette, will you flinch when that trigger is squeezed? The longer you survive each round the closer to death you get

Think about that last line – I could rephrase it like this: the longer you survive each year the more closer you get to death. Both mindsets are right

So what do you have to lose?

How far will you go?

Ideally, for all of us, the answer will be:

As far as possible – on both accounts


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