Take The Risk

Take the risk in looking foolish

Take the risk even when you know that the odds of you failing and falling flat on your face are way higher than you succeeding

Take the risk and ask that question even though you fear your colleagues may raise an eyebrow

Take a risk and say no

Take the risk and say yes

Do the opposite of what your fear is compelling you to do. Act counterintuitive to what feels safe and comfortable 

Safety is an illusion, its not real. There is no safety, no guaranty and no security. You do yourself no favours by believing in the notion of ‘playing it safe’

Why play at all if all you want to do is to be safe? It’s hard to comprehend the fun in doing that. There is no fun in playing it safe because ultimately it’s just another way of saying you’re playing it small

To make yourself small for fear that you will be noticed is the first step in self belittlement. I don’t know about you but I hate to even sense that someone is talking down to me, belittling me or patronising me

It never feels comfortable and I often have to control my anger to not respond in similar fashion to how they are treating me

But heres the thing

I treat myself like that on a daily, consistent basis. I tell myself that i can’t do that thing I want to do. I persuade myself that I’m not good enough, smart enough, strong enough, rich enough, popular enough and the list continues

Treating yourself like crap is no less acceptable than allowing others to treat you like crap or you treating someone else like crap. All of it is unacceptable

It’s abuse

But for some reason, we’ve made self abuse okay because we play all roles simultaneously. We are at once the culprit and the victim – think on that for a while

No wonder people struggle in life, no wonder people become depressed and unfortunately for some, become suicidal

We all live with an abuser that we can’t escape from, we all live with a victim that we can’t stand to be around and the sad part about it is both of those people are us

So take the risk

Believe that you can destroy that inner bully who beats you up every day

Believe that you can make that weakling, cowardly victim within toughen up and MAN UP – WOMAN UP – HUMAN UP

Because as an ancient proverb puts it

“If there is no enemy within, the enemy outside can do us no harm”

So take the risk and fight the greatest fight you will ever fight

The battle within that each and everyone us must face

Because this much I know

No matter how long it takes

I will win my own fight – I’ve already taken the risk and will continue to do so


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