Mind Over Mattress

This is a real battle

There’s a war going on inside, no man is safe from.

The internal struggle between waking up painfully early and hitting the snooze button 100 times

I’m a war torn veteran, enlisted on the latest campaign. The struggle is real people, the mattress is currently schooling me

If you’re reading this and figured out a long time ago how to win this battle, no joke, contact me and give me your tips (Note: if you’re a freak of nature that just gets up early because your body clock is weird like that then no, I don’t wanna hear from you, I find you annoying already)

I desperately want to join the early risers club but my ID keeps getting rejected it seems – or my body just flat out refuses to humour my intentions

Things I’ve been told work but for now haven’t worked for me

  • Have a big enough why: they say if your motivation and intention behind waking up early is clear then you’ll just do it, but that hasn’t been the case for me
  • Put your alarm in the bathroom
  • Sleep upside down
  • Sleep with your running gear on
  • Take a cold shower immediately upon waking up
  • Just do it (i hate this one the most)

Why do I want to wake up so damn early anyways?

  1. Get more done
  2. Develops discipline
  3. Destroys laziness
  4. Success comes through rituals
  5. Important but not urgent

If you’re a for real early riser and you’ve been consistent for at least a year then get in touch and mentor me on how you defeated the mighty mattress

Rising early to me feels like starting your day right – it’s the first win in a list of what will hopefully be multiple wins during the day

This is a battle i intend to win, no matter how long it takes. If you’ve already won this battle, then I’ll keep reiterating: Teach me!

Hope you’re enjoying your Saturday night



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