Dig Deeper

I remember Shawn T screaming at me from the TV to dig deeper during insanity and max 30 work outs

It’s like he knew I needed to hear that at that very moment

I was at the end of what I thought I had within me when Shawn encouraged me to search even deeper and find more energy from inside to make it through the work out

If you’ve ever completed Insanity or Max 30 then I’m willing to bet you know exactly what I’m talking about

Lately I’ve been feeling the same level of being maxed out in general and it hit me today that I need to dig deeper

I need to find a reason to push beyond my currently perceived limitations so I can discover that I truly have way more in the tank than previously assumed

So do you

There is a lot more to you then what people see on the surface

If you find yourself where I am and everything seems like a big effort, as if a Herculean amount of strength is needed to perform very routine tasks then I say to you what I say to myself

Dig deeper

I wrote about dreaming big but starting small a while back

Small is always the way to go when life overwhelms you

Focus on the task at hand and nothing else, so for me, that task would be writing and completing this sentence and nothing else

Then the next sentence and the one after that until the blog piece is done

You have more in your tank than you know. You have reserves upon reserves of energy, self will and determination

The only way to discover that you have these things is when you’re running on empty

One day at a time

It’s a numbers game. One bad day won’t make you depressed but 190 bad days in a row may do it

One lazy day won’t waste your life but a routine of laziness spread across even one year could have disastrous effects

One indulgent bite probably tastes sweet but too many bites and sweetness gives way to bitter regrets

So the same goes for small but positive things

One good day won’t bring you out of your funk, but do it again the next day and the next and before you know it, you’re in a different zone entirely

One day at a time

Sometimes even the day may be too much – too far into the distance

So focus on the hour

Have a great hour – the rest will take care of itself


Dig deep


Dig deeper


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