You’ll Get It All Back

A week or so ago I had my laptop stolen

with it, I lost all my scripts and documents that I had failed to back up or save elsewhere. The thief also stole my external hard drive that had all the content of the documentary I’m currently working on, but thankfully, like all other important content (video assets) I had backed this up

Today, I’m back in business with a new laptop and I’m having fun restoring everything I lost. Yes the intellectual property is gone and I may not be able to rewrite it exactly the same way I wrote it the first time but hey, that’s just a new draft to me

I’ll write a better draft for each project I’ve lost, with more wisdom and skill than when i first wrote each piece

Whatever is lost either through negligence or theft, can and will be restored

With patience, faith and endurance, everything eventually comes round full circle

I’m not at that full circle moment just yet but things have already began to fall in place except this time as things begin to restore themselves, I have the wisdom that can only be gained from being burned

Nothing teaches like pain

A lesson learned first hand is a lesson which you never forget. The first cut is always the deepest but even deep cuts eventually heal. Like the human body which has the capacity to regenerate itself, so to does everything else in your life

You can get everything back

You will get everything back

Not without effort, not without a fight but get it all back you will

Some things will take longer than others but inch by inch is still the name of the game

I’m super thrilled to almost be back in business – I’m ready to continue on my journey after this little bump


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