Study Your Craft

Talent is not enough

Natural ability will only take you so far

When it comes down to it, mastery is the only thing that will distinguish you from the many other people in your field wanting the same thing

It doesn’t even take that much to distinguish yourself from the pack

Think about it

Mediocrity is so rampant and so common place that stepping up just a little bit already places you way ahead of the pack

What does that look like in this day and age?

It looks like doing what you said you really want to do.

Most people never follow through on any dream they have. So, you doing even a fraction of what you feel like you’re put on this earth to do is much better than the rest of us

But don’t stop there

Once you know what it is you want to do and are already starting to make moves towards it, you need to fully commit to it

Study it

Learn who the key players are – as the saying goes, before you can break the rules, you must first fully know them

So keep working on improving your chosen craft so that one day you will look up and discover that the student has become the master

Study the craft


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