My mind is still moving at hyper speed

I’ve been thinking a lot this entire weekend and my thinking hasn’t slowed down yet

Identity, belonging, purpose, power, and so many key words keep flashing through my mind

All this because of one movie – how can one film influence and impact me this much?

I’m instantly at peace and restless after seeing this picture. I can’t even write a review yet because after having seen it three times, I think the infatuation period is finally over and I can slowly start being objective which I think is necessary when reviewing anything

Is it the greatest film ever made? Far from. It’s not even my favourite movie

It’s just a story that’s come at the right time, helping me to see myself in a way I never imagined a movie ever could

Thankfully, the success of it only validates my opinion of it further

So I keep thinking and thinking and thinking

For the first time in a while, I’m peaceful, calm, introspective and expansive in my thinking

I’m dreaming

Thinking of the possibilities

Seeing that the limitations around me can be overcome

I want to tell big stories

I want to lead a big life that connects to many other lives and sees as much of this world as possible

I’m dreaming again

I dream of creating content that sparks dialogue and conversations important enough to define a moment and create a movement

If one film could do it for me

I pray and hope to do the same for someone else out there

That’s why this is untitled, because there is no way to summarise this. It’s just me writing out loud

Putting random thoughts down

In due time, it will all come together I’m sure

I’ll enjoy this moment in the meantime


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