You have a purpose

You were born for a reason

It’s not about you though, it’s about the impact you can have on the people around you

It’s about the gift(s) you were naturally born with that if developed could serve the world in miraculous ways

Your purpose is bigger than you

It’s bigger than your happiness or sense of satisfaction/contentment in life

Remove your eyes from yourself and recognise this: there are people waiting on you to step up

A purpose driving life can never be a life wasted. It may not bring money, fame or conventional success but that’s besides the point

The point being that your importance to life is beyond question. I hope you never doubt how important you are but if you do, I’m here to serve as a reminder

You are important

But so are the many people you’ve been assigned to help and support with your talents and abilities

Make a difference


By being yourself – no, not the person you pretend to be so people like you

Not the person you force yourself to be so you can fit in

And not even the person you wish you were so you’ll like yourself

I’m talking about authentic you, flaws and all.

Be that person

The rest of us are waiting


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