I wish you all the happiness you can handle

I hope you don’t place your sense of happiness on anything external

I pray you help bring a little more happiness to this world

I wish all the desires of your heart will be granted to you

I hope your desires are pure and beneficial to more than just you

I pray you’ll be great enough to help others obtain their desires regardless of whether life gave you your own

I wish true Love will knock at your door

I hope when it knocks, you will answer and give it a permanent home

I pray you’ll share that love with everyone you can, even those who don’t deserve it

I wish you had multiple lives

I hope you recognise you don’t

I pray you make the most of this one precious life you do have

I wish you friends and family in abundance

I hope in your abundance you make strangers feel welcome, outsiders feel included and loners feel less isolated

I pray you’ll have an abundance of reasons to be grateful

I wish all your dreams come true

I hope you’re working everyday for them to come true

I pray for lucky breaks, chance meetings and happy coincidences to help you along the way

I wish you’d see yourself through the eyes of a higher power

I hope the sight you see takes your breath away

I pray you live according to that vision and not your own limited sight

I wish you health, wealth and everything in between

I hope you know which to set as priority

I pray you have abundance in all categories

I wish you a multitude of wishes that come true

I hope you’re hopeful of succeeding in all your pursuits

I pray these prayers, hopes and wishes I have for you come to be so that you may in turn will leave this world a better place than you found it

Happy Friday 😊


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