Dream Big Start Small

Dreaming big is fantastic

For most of us it’s even necessary

It keeps us hopeful that tomorrow will be better than today, especially if today is void of any hope

A powerful vision can pull you out of the furnace of hopelessness and keep you going against all odds

but if we’re not careful, dreaming big can also make us delusional

Having the dream alone is not enough, I think we all know that intellectually but emotionally it can sometimes be a whole different ball game

We assume because we have the dream and it makes us feel special that somehow it will just manifest…by itself… eventually

Not likely

Not without a tremendous amount of work ethic, sacrifice and commitment.

That’s a lot to ask of ourselves every day

So dream big

but start small

Reverse engineer your dream, you know what the end result is, how you want it to look and feel, now keep going backwards until you finally get to your first immediate step

Something you can do right now and focus only on that

Dream big

Start small

Starting small makes your dreams more manageable and also takes the pressure off

Don’t stress

Keep calm and stay focused – I know we sometimes want to skip 10 steps to get to where we want to ultimately be faster but there’s no rush

You’ll get there – each step counts and each is very important

Don’t miss any

Dream as big as your mind can conceive

Start as small as your time, talents, resources and connections permits at present

Be well


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