You become what you think about

Be mindful what you pay attention to

Where focus goes, energy flows

Our attention spans are already limited as it is, we don’t need to fill it up with negative, debilitating thoughts that only perpetuate more of the same thingsRight now it’s really easy for me to find negative things to complain about but I refuse to swim with the current – it’s too easy

I’ll swim against it

Only dead fish allow the current to take them downstream. You are not dead, stop acting like you are by following the crowd

Thoughts are things and whatever you think about on a regular basis will begin to manifest in your life

Choose uplifting thoughts – empowering ideas that build you up rather than tear you down

I hope you have numerous things about yourself and your life that you are proud of and willing to celebrate

Go ahead and celebrate yourself

You’ll continue to become more of those things you pay attention to, may as well pay attention to what’s great about you


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