You Wont Take My Dream

Someone stole my laptop today

At work of all places

With it, they took the screenplay(s) and numerous other written pieces that they won’t ever appreciate the value of After the initial shock wore off I reported it to security and also informed my manager, for good measure

It affected me enough to consider whether to go to the gym or just go home and forget about the day

I chose the gym

Grateful I did as I needed to get that negative energy off of me

The cycle home was a contemplative one. Why my property? Why now? Just when I’m making headway?

Why not you? The voice in my head always replies. Who would you rather it happens to?

Bad things happen to us all, it’s just the nature of life. How we respond to it is was more important

I choose to rebuild

A laptop is just a possession, it’s not me nor does it possess me.

They didn’t steal my creativity, my drive or my humanity. Even in the midst of my shock I still considered the fact that this person perhaps is in a bad place, desperately needing resources – either that or they’re a plain old thief, doesn’t really matter, that’s their karma to deal with, not mine

I’ll get another one – eventually

There’s multiple lessons here – use clouds to backup your work. Don’t leave anything to chance and don’t always assume the best in others

The biggest lesson is that my true gifts and possessions can never be stolen or taken away from me

Same with you

They can’t steal your talents, your perseverance, ingenuity or even joy – unless you allow them to

Please don’t


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