Who Needs Security?

I don’t like being uncomfortable

I dislike the feeling of being uncertain even more – yet both feelings are to be expected on your journey to success and living out your dreams

It’s almost as if they serve as a deterrent for those that have dreams for superficial reasons. The uncertain, lack of security and absence of any form of a safety rope separates the wheat from the chaff

Lately I’ve been doing a lot of thinking regarding the security of putting down roots and having things to serve as anchors for me versus pursuing a dream which, if successful, would probably allow me to purchase numerous security symbols in the long run

But here’s the thing – the things that would bring me security are tangible and available right now whereas my dreams and aspirations are up in the air, intangible to all but me and only offer me hope and a belief that they could happen without the guaranty that they will happen

So whats a dreamer to do?

Stop dreaming for one – wake up and smell the fear – realise that you feel this fear for a reason and rather than allowing it to paralyse you into inaction, use it as a motivating force to drive you forward

Yes the unknown can be scary, yes life doesn’t hardly ever go the way we plan or want for it to go but sometimes that can also work to our advantage. You expect so little and life gives you way more than you could ever hoped for

It happens

In times of uncertainty, those brave enough to act and not back down but push forward will be the ones to gain the spoils. Without risk there can be no reward and without vision there can be no victory

There are many merits for security and stability but producing strong people is not one of them

Burn your bridges after you’ve crossed over so you’ll have no choice – either you win or you die

See – now you have to win

And you will


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