Staying Ahead: Digest

Have more than one option

Start multiple fires, have numerous plates spinning in rotation and balls juggling in the air. In other words, stay busy building opportunities for yourself

In this fast paced world, one income stream, though perhaps enough to survive on, will not be enough to thrive on in the long run

Think outside the box – the old way is called that for a reason – because it’s old, outdated and obsolete, stick with it and you’ll be too

Find the new way – stay current to increase your currency

Compound interest is the 8th wonder of the world, at least Einstein thought so and I don’t know about you but my IQ doesn’t match his so….use it to your advantage

Create – don’t compete – you are in a league of your own – stay woke

Keep yourself fresh by allowing your curiosity to grow – experiment with your ideas but don’t invest too heavily on any until you’ve seen clues that it will yield the desired results

Cut bad ideas and plans loose as soon as they prove their worthlessness

You’ll come up with new ideas, better ones – if you keep things moving

Life will certainly throw it’s punches – thats why you need to keep moving, its hard to hit a moving target – duck and throw a punch back

Just thinking out loud



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