If Your Life Was A Movie

If life was a movie, what genre would your life story be?

Drama, Horror, Action or perhaps a comedy? Those aren’t the only genres but you get the point


I’d want mine to be an action film because I like the idea of human beings doing the impossible and rising above their limitations

A coward dies a thousand deaths while the brave only die once 

I watch a lot of movies, perhaps too many. I love stories where the main character has to overcome insurmountable odds and somehow find a way to save the day. It’s like it stirs something within me that longs to do the same by putting it all on the line

Nothing like the 9-5 life that I lead for the majority of the time – it feels more like when I have a project going on and I know that its all down to me to make it happen. It feels like when I have a whole cast and crew of people expecting me to know and have all the answers

I now in those moments that I’m the final stop, the buck stops with me, if I fail to act then nothing will happen and we will all fail

That’s exciting, I like the person I am in those moments

I think we all do

There is something about demanding more from yourself – expecting more from yourself that forces you to rise to the challenge. I find, from my experience that I am a lot more resourceful, creative and persistent when I feel as though I have no options

But you can’t always live like that – or can you?

Surely life has to include the boring, mundane parts, the slow side of things where nothing seems to be happening, at least when observing life from the naked eye

But my life isn’t the action film I want it to me – not yet anyways

Mine is a mixture of drama, comedy and rom com – I think each person’s life would encompass a multitude of genres and possibly create new sub genres since we are all so unique

But I want to brave, I want to save the day, i want to fire those bullets and hit my targets and no, I don’t want to kill people, which is probably why i always imagine that my life story would be told through science fiction – the world has been taken over by androids and robots (think I Robot, Terminator etc) and I’m part of the human resistance

I get excited with childlike glee just at the thought of it – I’d love to shoot robots in order to save humanity, I’d like to be the hero and so I tell myself, why the hell not?

I AM the hero of my own story

and if you have studied or know anything about a hero’s journey, there always comes the point when the hero must make a decision – to either become everything they know they can be and answer the call to adventure or fade into mediocrity by refusing the challenge

Once the decision is made however, thats only the beginning of our hero’s problems, they must now face so many obstacles that the average person would have thrown in the towel and gave up by now

They continue and make progress and just when you think they may accomplish their goal/mission – suddenly everything falls apart – this is when their best friend/mentor/family member dies. Our hero losses all hope and once again must decide whether they are willing to pay the price

Eventually of course, we know that our hero will win – no matter what – they will overcome and accomplish their mission. When this is done right in a film, we clap at the screen as the credits roll then go home and completely forget

The film wasn’t trying to entertain us – the film was using the story as a metaphor  to remind us of who we really are

we are heroes on a journey

We may all be at different stages but we are still on a mission – figure out what yours is, expect and anticipate obstacles and moments when you will want to give up – do not! A hero keeps going

Therefore you must too – you are the hero of your story

The ending has not been written and you wont have too much of a say about your final scene but you do get to choose a lot in-between

The genre will be your choice – if you want, it can even be a trashy reality show if thats more your thing, the choice is yours

But know this, nobody likes a boring story – so take the risks, make the choices that scare you and endure the pain when you inevitably fail, as you must from time to time, because it all goes towards the making of an incredible story

who knows, I could one day be streaming a biopic about you 10 years from now

Be a hero


Daily Goals Update: 1 page written – One hour work out

Next Day Goals: write 5 pages – Exercise: rest day


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