Crawling Forward

Sometimes it’s going to feel like you have no idea what the hell you are doing with your life

Sometimes it will be hard to even pinpoint what you are feeling, let alone why you are feeling what you are feeling

Sometimes you won’t have the answers – worse still you wont even realise that life has been asking you a question

Perhaps more than just one

How long are you gonna stay in this rut?

How many more excuses are you going to allow yourself to get away with?

How much more overspending are you going to do before it sinks into your head that you are setting yourself up for a life of debt?

Is this all you are capable of?

When the questions are being asked of you and the answer is nowhere near in sight, know this, it’s okay to say “I don’t have the answers just yet, but i will” and keep it moving

Some of us are flying through life right now

Everything we attempt succeeds without a hitch. The midas touch is in our grasp and we wield its power whichever way we desire while the audience stand watching in awe

Another group of us are running, full steam ahead, pressing forward while the wind creates resistance against us – this is a good thing. If we time it just right, we will fly and join the first group

Then we have the walkers – those that have just about gained independence from relying on other people. The walkers may not be flying and are not yet running but they are moving forward, one step at a time and eventually their time will come, momentum will pick up and their walk will turn into a run and in turn become a flight path where any and everything is possible

Just behind them are people that feel like I did today – we’re not flying, we’re not running and are not even walking – no – we are crawling forward because right now, thats all we know to do

Sometimes in life you wont know what you’re doing – it felt worth repeating

When you find yourself having one of those days – just crawl – forward is still forward – who said it had to look graceful when you did it?

You can look like the most ridiculous person as you crawl – so what?

Crawl your way forward – one day it will become a walk, then a run and then, before you know it, the ground will be way beneath you and all you’ll see in front of you is a blue sky and a bright sun

You time in the light will come – fear not – trust


P.S – I worked out and exceeded my goal of 30 minutes by an additional hour and my writing was truly crawling personified as I managed to only write 2 sentences….but hey, that’s two more sentences then I had yesterday on this screenplay 🙂


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