A Game Of Inches

Life’s a game of inches

Sometimes, all you’ll manage to do is gain a few inches more during one day. Don’t allow the apparent lack of great strides get you down, you are still moving forward

I worked out for about 15 minutes today, so not quite the 30 minutes I said I would, all I did was skip a rope and it was surprisingly hard to keep it going for a long time, not to mention it was cold, getting darker outside and I had just jumped off my bike from my long commute from work

Technically, if I were to include my 14 mile cycling commute to work and back (28 miles a day) as part of my exercise plan then I did more than my required 30 minutes today but unfortunately, i’m not including it as my body doesn’t even register it anymore

So good as it is that i do it, it’s not gonna cut it!

Also, I wrote 3 pages rather than 5 (so far) I may write more after this blog but i doubt it, I have a business call and other stuff to do so for now I’ll be happy with these tiny inches of improvements that I’ve made today

Those are 3 pages that I didn’t have yesterday, if I continue to fail in this way every day then in just 10 days I’ll have written 30 more pages of my script, bringing my a lot closer to where I want to ultimately be

Don’t despise small movements forward

It’s better than no movement at all

If all you can manage to do today is crawl the guess what?

Crawl your way towards your goal

If all I can manage right now is 3 pages then I’ll write the 3 damn pages. even if I couldn’t manage that and all I could do was a sentence, then guess what?

I’ll motivate myself to write down that sentence and be grateful that I managed to do it

I wont be the writer with unfinished work because they allow life to bully them around without even attempting to fight back

I wont be overweight without a fight – No – if all I can manage is to skip for 15 minutes today then that’s what I will do

Tomorrow I’ll be better

My mind is already stronger, my determination has grown by 1% and thats 1% that i didn’t have yesterday

Tomorrow it’s the same thing, same marching orders, same battle, same attack

30 minutes exercise – 5 pages written of my screenplay – small goals

Every inch counts


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