Back To Basics

I declared that losing weight is my priority this year

I haven’t done anything to prove that to be trueMy friend and blogging Mentor always at least tries to stop me from consuming the sugary content that I do but I always seem to have a valid excuse for what I’m doing

I can rationalise my actions and make it all sound plausible but it’s all just rational lies and I want it to stop

I won’t think about the things that I ‘need’ to do because when I get into that mindset of thinking, it only makes me feel out of control

Like someone/something else is running my life

You and I are adults and we don’t ‘need’ to do anything

I know it can feel like we do but we don’t

I don’t NEED to do anything and with that thought in mind, all I’m left with is the choice

I CHOOSE to do any and everything that I do

That already feels a lot more empowering to me than the thought of needing to do anything

And full disclosure: life isn’t as simple as that, some people genuinely do find themselves in difficult situations that they definitely never chose

Yet even then, you have the power to find a way out. Easier said then done? Sure but it can be done all the same

So today I remind myself that with weight loss, it’s about the basics, the fundamentals, not the quick fix

Eat less calories then you burn every day and the results will take care of itself

Burn more calories than you consume and the results will continue to speak – eventually

Expect not to tangibly see the changes on day one but do expect the mental changes to show up almost immediately

Everything adds up

Everything compounds

The compound effect is not just for investing money, although you would be wise to understand how it works in that realm

No, the compound effect is for everything in life. Things compound and generate much bigger outcomes than the initial input

It’s almost like magic

Just focus on the basics

Don’t look for the shortcuts – there are none

Master the fundamentals – the rest will take care of itself

So tomorrow I choose to accomplish two objectives

Exercise for 30 minutes

Write 5 pages of my new screenplay

If I do that and nothing else, I’ll remind myself to be happy because I’ll be on track with my 2018 goal

It’s back to the basics for me


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