Time Changes Every

At one point in time, I thought I loved her

At one point in time, she caused me a lot of pain

At one point in time, I thought I’d never speak to her ever again and yet all this time later, there we were giving each other warm hugs as we meet for the first time in a long while

“So, how’s life been?” She says – she’s smiling, eyes are still as bright as I remember them, pretty much everything about her feels the same, in a good way

But yet, everything’s changed

All the bad feelings I harboured because of her are fully gone. Now she’s a friend, a genuine, warm and accommodating one at that

I told her to meet me after work because I knew ‘we’ tend to talk at length but I didn’t expect the time to fly by so quickly, 5 hours in a blink of an eye

And we still had more to say, just not enough time

How quickly things change

Perhaps this was what we were always meant to be – I thought and felt differently before but somehow she always knew

I wonder what else I could be very wrong about?

I wonder what else, in my life, time will come and rectify or transform?

I like to tell people “it gets better” because I want to believe those words to be true

The truth is, it doesn’t always

Sometimes it gets worse

It did with me and her, it got really bad, we completely couldn’t be around each other – or was it, I couldn’t be around her?

I couldn’t stand the pain – I didn’t like it or appreciate it at the time but it did cliche ‘make me stronger’

I just couldn’t see it at the time

We talk simultaneously at times, without missing what the other person is saying

She wants to know how the films are coming along and when I’ll release anything

I want to know about her business and how she’s holding up

Marriage and relationships inevitably comes up. It’s no longer awkward

There’s a lightness to our talk and yet we talk openly and deeply about what’s really going on

I notice that we can now communicate more authentically than before

Time changes everything

Whatever phase you’re in now

It will change

Time can be wasted, invested or shared but it can never be saved

It keeps moving forward

And so should we


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